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Bouchard on MEDC

Bouchard: “Michigan can’t afford to ignore the study”
Reaction to “The Michigan Economic Development Corporation: A Review and Analysis”

Oakland County- Mike Bouchard, Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement regarding the New Mackinac Center’s “The Michigan Economic Development Corporation: A Review and Analysis”. Back in 1995, Bouchard was one of only a few State Senators to vote against MEGA.

“When I was in the State Senate Back in 1995, I said when government gets into the business of picking winners and losers in the marketplace, we all lose. This study proves I was right then and I’m right now.”

“Michigan can’t afford to ignore the study even if leaders in Lansing do. I voted against MEGA back in 1995 because I didn’t feel it was the right solution. It might have been well intentioned but wasn’t good for our state. As governor, I won’t hesitate to end it and build a new system where all businesses can compete and grow jobs.

“But this comprehensive study just shows that while our state is mired in a financial crisis Lansing continues to fund costly programs that fail to deliver. It is time for Lansing to break out of their status quo thinking that got us here and start funding what works and what will help make Michigan flourish. This study clearly proves what I believed back in 1995 – MEDC and MEGA are not part of the solution.”

“It is time to look at things differently. MEGA was supposed to create over 60,000 jobs and has barely produced a third of that. Only in Lansing would they keep funding this and other programs that have failed to deliver. We need real leaders in Lansing that are not afraid to make the tough choices and fight the status quo logic that has crippled our state. As governor, I’ll be that leader.”

Below are then Senator Bouchard’s actual floor remarks on March 15, 1995.

“Unfortunately, this is one of those instances where you have a destination, and you just differ on the road to get there, and that’s the position I found myself in. It was one of those issues where you desire to do all you can to help businesses and individuals in our state, and that crashes headlong into the real philosophical and practical concerns. And in this issue those concerns relate specifically to policies that restrain the marketplace or pick winners and losers in that marketplace. And those are the real kinds of problems that I saw in this direction; and those directions, no matter how well intentioned, I found myself unable to support, and for those reasons I voted “no”.

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